Parent, Family, and Community Engagement

We know that for the child to succeed, the whole family needs to be supported. Connecting the family with community resources empowers the family to greater self-sufficiency. We live in a generous community with a lot of support. With staff’s help, parents are able to locate resources for food, clothing, housing, English as a Second Language, Adult Education programs and more.

Family Advocates

Each site has Family Advocates on staff that work to connect families with community resources. They meet with families one-on-one to find out if there are any needs, share resources, and set goals. They can help parents find their local food pantry, get clothes from a church, or sign up for GED or English classes in their community. If a child needs a doctor or help finding a dentist, the Family Advocate can help the family find medical care. Monthly Parent Meetings provide ongoing trainings and support to families on a variety of topics. Family Advocate are there to support the family as a whole with any needs, so the child can ultimately succeed in school.

Community Partnerships

Head Start has many local organizations that have partnered with us over the years. We have agencies, schools and churches that help with food, clothing, Adult Education, speech screenings, and many more. We are always looking for new community partners and to build on our existing partnerships. This teamwork helps our families to succeed in the long run, even after they leave our Head Start program.