Head Start emphasizes the importance of on-going preventive care and early detection of health problems. We focus on early identification, treatment, and health promotion. Families are provided with assistance in accessing resources to address oral health and physical well-being. We offer services that support families and strengthen communities so that children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. Head Start believes a healthy child is a child who is ready to learn and succeed.

Comprehensive Services

Promoting health and preventing illness and injury helps children succeed in school. Hearing and vision screening helps determine whether a child needs additional help to put them on track for success. Early intervention and treatment for children with special health needs or disabilities helps them develop strategies for learning. Children do best when they receive support that is targeted to their needs.

Physical & Oral Health

When children have a doctor and regular checkups needed to keep them healthy, they are more prepared for school. When children are sick, they can easily access health care and return to school more quickly. Time spent learning leads to success in school. Children with healthy teeth are better able to eat, speak, and focus on learning. Children need a dentist and regular dental exams.  Children should start going to a dentist by the time they’re 12 months old and then get regular checkups every 6 months.