Birth - 3 Year Olds

We have two options available for expecting and new (with 0-3 year-old children) parents – our Home Visiting program, and our Site-Based programs.

Home Visiting

The Home Visiting program services families with children 0-3 and pregnant women.

Socializations are held twice a month for 90-minutes. These groups provide activities  for parents and children to enjoy together to support a better understanding of child development and creates opportunities for parents to interact with one another. A snack experience is provided for both parents and children to participate in.

Additionally, parent engagement events are held each month for 90-minutes at a preschool site.  These events create an opportunity for parents to create relationships with one another while learning more about the Home Visiting program and agency as a whole. Parents will gain information and participate in activities that will support their children’s development in education while gaining valuable feedback on their child’s growth.


Providing a safe, nurturing environment is the top priority for our Infant/Toddler classrooms. Each child is cared for by a primary caregiver who partners with the family to best understand their cues and ensure that their needs are consistently met. There are many developmental changes that take place during these first three years of life. Learning takes place during every part of the day in these classes through individualized daily routines, opportunities for exploration, and play that is based on each child’s interests and development.


Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers are an important part of the Head Start Program. Parents, grandparents, students and community members are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways.